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These days it’s really difficult to find the best and free WordPress themes, specially when there are tons of WordPress themes out there and we don’t which one to use.  You are lucky though, I have personally handpicked possibly the best free WordPress themes that you can find right now.
When considering to use free WordPress themes there are things we should consider

Things to consider when choosing free themes

  1. We should check that if the theme is secure
  2. it’s from a trusted source
  3. We should check that it would be supported or at least it should be stable
  4. It should be responsive as the majority of web browsing is using smartphones
  5. It should look beautiful enough to engage more users
  6. Cross browser compatibility

Who should use free themes

  • Hobbyists
  • When starting a personal blog
  • If you don’t care that much about support
  • If you are just getting started with WordPress
  • If you don’t care whether your website looks the same as others

and other related small things to consider

Pros of free themes

  • It’s free – Obviously being it’s free is the first and most important benefit we get.
  • Usually simple – Usually free themes consists only the basic functionality which won’t overwhelm you. 

Cons of free themes

  • Little to no technical support
  • Too little features sometimes
  • Limited customisation options

Without taking your time any more, let’s get into it

 Below are top 10 best free WordPress themes I personally handpicked for you.

NOTE: The order of the themes are not in any specific order, they are ordered just randomly

1. Philosophy

2. Blaskan


3. Orfeo

4. Activello

5. Sydney

6. Tyche


7. Parallaxsome


8. E-commerce gem

Ecommerce Gem

9. Anariel

10. Airi

Thanks for visiting. If you think there are themes that should be included in the list, drop a comment below.

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